API Tokens and Technical Users


LeanIX provides a variety of services which can be leveraged via our Available APIs. In order to authenticate calls to these APIs, an API Token is necessary.

API Tokens generated by individual ADMINS and Technical Users both provide credentials utilized within the authentication flow but they have some key distinctions.

While API Tokens created by individual Admin accounts can be accessed exclusively by the individual account holder, Technical User-generated API Tokens give ALL Admins in the workspace the ability to view the history and manage properties. This flexibility may be desirable for auditing purposes, as well as for managing organization-facing projects and integrations.


At this time, Technical Users can be used exclusively with the Integration API, Webhooks and the GraphQL API. They cannot be utilized with the other available REST APIs.


Technical User
API Token created under an individual account

Detailed history available to all ADMINS



Accessible to all ADMINS



Ability for all ADMINS to edit expiration date and other information



Ability to define the scope of authorization as READ-only. While at the same time still allow for the ability to create an API token.


No, all API tokens generated by individual ADMIN users are also ADMIN level tokens with read and write access.

Steps to Create a Technical User

In order to create a Technical User you must be an ADMIN.

  • Navigate to the Administration area
  • Select Technical Users
  • Click Create Technical User
  • Enter Name, Permission and specify the Expiration Date
  • Click Save, and the Technical User is created


To see a history for a specific Technical User and to take other actions such as edit or delete, navigate to the Administration area and select Technical Users. Find the Technical User you are interested in. Options available for managing Technical Users are below:



Allows for the update of the description, change of expiration and permission (ADMIN, MEMBER, VIEWER)


Replaces the api token


Deletes the Technical User


Behavior including CRUD actions are logged and monitored.

Changes made on the technical user itself, from creation and any edits are also logged.

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API Tokens and Technical Users

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