Product Update: Improvements to the LeanIX Inventory Filter

SSO Admin · 7 months ago

#1 Memory Usage and Performance Optimizations for the LeanIX Inventory Filter

    Why Application Performance Management is critical for us

    Andre Christ · about a year ago

    LeanIX has rebuilt its Software-as-a-Service solution in a modern Microservices architecture. In such a distributed application architecture, it is critical for us to quickly identify slow endpoints, as they have a ripple effect on other endpoints in the system. ...

      GraphQL Lessons Learned

      Andre Christ · about a year ago

      In our latest product version "Pathfinder" we have decided to use GraphQL as the primary API technology. At the CodeTalks Conference 2017 in Hamburg we presented our Lessons Learned, both from a backend and frontend-development perspective. Our technical stack in the frontend is based on TypeScript ...

        Access denied with Internet Explorer

        Andre Christ · about a year ago

        Some users experienced the issue, that the login to our new version "Pathfinder" was not possible with Internet Explorer, mainly with IE 11. They stuck at the loading page. When opening the Developer Tools the error message stated "SCRIPT5: Access is denied.". This error is not related to a specific...

          Our journey to Microservices

          Andre Christ · about a year ago

          More than 2 years ago we started our journey from a monolithic web application based on a LAMP-stack to a modern Microservices architecture. At the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2017 in London I gave some insights how we approached this transition.

          The presentation introduces into the conc...

            Change from API-Keys to API-Tokens

            Andre Christ · 2 years ago

            With LeanIX EAM Release 3.2 we have introduced new API tokens. Administrators can now create API tokens which are used to access the LeanIX APIs. The advantage of using the new API token over an API key is that for every use case a dedicated token is assigned and an expiry date can be given.

              New tutorial: Push your metrics to LeanIX

              Andre Christ · 2 years ago

              The real-time Metrics module transforms LeanIX from and Enterprise Architecture Management tool into an Application Intelligence Platform. The add-on allows user to connect real-time data, thus enabling them to monitor things like activities, user behaviour or availability in relation to the IT arch...

                Simple REST-APIs with Dropwizard and Swagger

                Andre Christ · 3 years ago

                We at LeanIX love Swagger! Swagger is a simple yet powerful representation of your RESTful API. With the largest ecosystem of API tooling on the planet, thousands of developers are supporting Swagger in almost every modern programming language and deployment environment. With a...